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Kapuhala Sicily

Kapuhala Sicily – Three In One Getaway – You decide how you wish to spend it

The stresses of everyday life are present in everyone’s life. Getting away seems like the ideal solution, a holiday the most obvious choice. But how often do you return with the same feeling within a month, week, day? Kapuhala is not your average holiday resort, it gives you a space to make do with it what you please.

Upon arrival to Catania Airport I was greeted with one of the most torrential downpours I have ever witnessed. So much rain the car was sliding to our destination, with meagre visibility to say the least. I was later informed that it is rare to have such a blessing of rain for the farmers in Sicily and that it was sign of good luck.

After a long day travelling, your stresses and the hurricane are swept away with beautiful entrance.

Kapuhala is located about 1hr south of Catania. With local towns of Noto and Marzamemi within 10 and 20mins respectfully, you have an abundance of restaurants, café’s, and bars. The beach is located all around you, so just decide which coastline you wish to visit. I’d highly recommend a Granita, the Pistachio flavour is probably the best thing you’ll ever have.

The Eco-Warrior

With ample space and built in ethos of Kapuhala Wellbeing, you can use the space as your very own training retreat. Think and training like Rocky, the relax and medicate yourself with the onsite Yoga studio, finishing off with a few laps of the pool to cool down. Finally reward yourself with a plantbased restaurant in the evening and wine straight from the winery.

The facilities in the villas provide more than adequate space for you to create your own meal and make use of your very own private garden with plenty of vegetation.

Plant Eater

Farm to table has never been so well illustrated. On arrival you are provided a basket of goodies, filled with fresh fruit, cakes, fresh baked bread, freshly made almond milk from the almonds onsite and freshly squeezed juices, yes you guessed it, from the onsite fruits.

Stepping outside your villa and have an abundance of vegetables and fruit at your immediate disposal, from your very own private garden. Combine these with the over 80 varieties of Herbs and edible flowers around the resort and you can create a beautiful feast.

Also, something worth noting, the flour used to make your freshly baked bread is from the corn that is farmed onsite. There really is not much that is bought in. Recalibration Living and working in the hustle and bustle of a busy city like London, recalibration and natural medication is a must for anyone living the life. With no TV in the room, you are free from the temptation to tune into the outside world. You can dedicate the time to yourself and the old pen and paper. You stop moving at a million miles an hour and get a sense of relief. For me, I started taking notes, planning my actions, and putting them in order of priority. Combined Them All Kapuhala resort has been designed with ultimate level of sustainability in mind. The entire resort is off grid, making use of naturally produced energy to power everything. Onsite farmland is used to provide ample produce to the resort, making it a perfect place to be quarantined….if needs. As a proud carnivore, I do dabble in the odd vegetarian weeks at home, plant-based diets however are new to me. Nevertheless, during the time spent here, there really is not any need to add the odd cow, chicken, or piggie in your diet. Moreover, it was refreshing, I’ll not be giving it up, however it is always nice to cleanse the body from time to time. During the stay, I combined all three experiences into one. I workout 6 times a week, to have my own track and field, with a workout area and the complimentary Yoga session, was perfect. As an avid adventurer of new places, learning and trying new things, it was not even a second thought whether I needed meat in my diet. I lost weight, first time I’ve returned from vacation lighter, value add! I slept well for the first time in months and cleansed the body and soul. This is coming from a non-religious, non-spiritual person. Most importantly I used the time to recalibrate. With the stresses and struggles during such a turbulent time in our history, to take time away and really think, is priceless. I not only met some great people but managed to discuss and define a project I am working on, which provided great feedback and direction. Needless to say, this trip may well end up being the best investment I’ve ever made. Cheers! Saluti!