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Contrada Maccari snc – 96017 Noto, Siracusa – Italia.



We are a longevity resort.

We combine science supported practices and ancient wisdom to deliver experiences that will promote longevity and physical/cognitive performances. What to expect?

– Living in the country side. Yes! The real country side, with its pros and cons.
– Bit of dust in summer and a bit of mud in winter. We are still a nice place but set in a natural environment.

– Eat vegetarian food and enjoy what the nature produces without killing any animals.

– Social interaction! You will eat all at the same time in separate yet close tables. You can decide whether you would like tio make friends with the fellow diners. We hope you will!

– Fitness first! We promote fitness and we will give yoga and fitness classes upon request.

– The most amazing sunrise and sunset. 
– Expect a crafted mini-buffet with made fresh products. We try to reduce waste and cook the right amount for the right guests!

Why Kapuhala is a “Longevity Resort”:

– Plant-based fine dining. Beautiful food made with plants that conquers also the carnivores.
– Absolute immersion in nature, between plants, rocks and fields.
– Physical training and active lifestyle.
– Structure built to induce a mobile routine.
– Light exposure. Our accommodations have exposure to the sunrise, to optimize our guests’ circadian rhythm.
– House rules to support our guests’ natural biorhythm optimization. ie. serving food and lights down at specific times.
– Social interaction events and knowledge exchange.
– Natural supplements. We recommend a few supplements with substantial evidences of effects on longevity.

Our team is fully committed to make it an experience that not only to entertain our guests but also to trigger and foster longevity. By the end of the holiday our guests will learn the rules of the Blue Zone to bring home and apply in their daily routines.

Are you still convinced you want to come?!

Come and join our “movement”!